A Grassy Knoll, Yorkshire, England by Richard Burdon

We’d found a woodland with some beautiful, delicate birch trees, but I was struggling to get any suitable foreground interest in my images. I love pared down, minimal images and I’d had an idea for a composition with some simple foliage in the foreground, but getting that detail was proving to be quite elusive.

However, the winter of 2018 had a sting in the tail with the “Beast from the east” giving us a late snowfall, so I set about looking for this elusive foreground detail. I was walking in one of our favourite locations when I spotted the perfect lone tree on a hill, with some scruffy grasses infront of it. This was promising, but the foreground was not as simple as I’d hoped, but on reflection I returned the following day for a second try, only to be driven back by a heavy blizzard constantly wetting my lens. The weather was due to break soon, so I hurried back a third time and was delighted to see that the heavy snowfall had simplified the composition for me, allowing me to get the image I’d visualised some time before hand.

I set my tripod low infront of the grasses, being careful not to get footprints in my pristine snow. Setting my aperture to f16, I carefully focussed to ensure front to back sharpness and finally I had the simple image I was looking for. Moments later, the sun broke through and the sky cleared which would have ruined the image I wanted.

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