Zen Landscapes

What is Zen, or more importantly, how does it relate to a simple landscape photograph? Andy Brown pinpoints the possibilities of a different approach to photography

Forgetting its ancient origins in Mahayana Buddhism for the moment, Zen-inspired images lend from the ideology that intuition and meditation – a return to a less scripted or dogmatic state – help us to realise an original or base state of being, an essence outweighing confusion and restraint. They effectively form an overall impression of considerable impact, seemingly outweighing the sum of their parts and borrow heavily from minimalist principles to express aching simplicity and beauty.

The trouble is we all spend so long looking for ‘The Big Shot’, we end up stumbling around the same subjects, clamouring and climbing over each other in our attempts to grab a piece of the same subject matter someone shot yesterday and doubtless someone else will again tomorrow! It’s difficult, of course, to constantly reinvent and innovate – were it simple no two images would be the same and no one would ever be stuck for inspiration or impetus. The world has never been more accessible and never has there been such a profusion of image-recording devices among the populace documenting for all posterity every segment and sliver of the great outdoors. It is a big world, but in many ways it is also a lot smaller nowadays. It can be difficult, then, to pull yourself away from the everyday and approach your subject matter a little differently. And that is even after you have begun ...

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About Author

Andy Brown

An ardent devotee to most genres of landscape photography, Andy’s primary fervour and passion is for mono and split-toned, ultra long exposure imagery.

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