Scot Gillespie • Japanese Aesthetics

How should we approach life and art? Even if you are an uncultured Westerner, as Scot Gillespie says, you can still learn from an exploration of Japanese aesthetics

Let me just clear the air by saying this isn’t going to be a road to enlightenment, and my apologies in advance to anyone for my simplifications of their culture. My aim is all about demonstrating that, within the Japanese aesthetics, there are some common sense practicalities that can be adopted without further submergence in a life-changing ethos. Therefore, I will give no guarantee about putting any Zen in your life, or indeed making your images capture an essence of Zen itself, this is all about using a different methodology to view how you derive your composition.

The last time I wrote about aesthetics in issue 86, I did skirt over Japanese aesthetics, essentially as the introduction to it would just have taken away from the point I was making about being true to the image you are trying to make. And the small inconvenience that Japanese aesthetics, even at this very simple level, really needs a bit of an introduction, especially if you are ...

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Scot Gillespie

Scot Gillespie used to be a Fashion and Editorial Photographer in the early '80s. These days he prefers photographing the extraordinary nature of landscape and its various genres, experimenting with a variety of photographic tools.


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