QT Luong • Photographing Glacier National Park

How can you get the best out of the vast area that is the Rocky Mountains? From mountain scenery to abundant wildlife, the area is unique. QT Luong tells us how to navigate best

The Rocky Mountains form the longest mountain range on the North American continent. In the United States, no part of the range is as spectacular and wild as Glacier National Park. The combination of dramatic mountain scenery and abundant wildlife make the park one of the top destinations for nature photography. Glacier National Park is located in the most intact mountain ecosystem in the United States, where grizzlies, wolves, moose, mountain goats and bighorn sheep still roam. The park’s sedimentary rocks have been carved by glaciers into more than 150 striking peaks which are more angular than most mountains further south. Below the peaks, the scenery is lush with alpine wildflower meadows, cascading waterfalls and clear streams, and with more than 750 glistening lakes there are plenty of choices for photographing a reflection.

Orientation: Going-to-the-Sun Road, an engineering marvel that takes you above tree line, crosses the Continental Divide at Logan Pass (6,646 feet). The only road that traverses the park, the views along the drive are spectacular and several remarkable sites can be reached through short hikes. There are secondary roads dead-end at Two Medicine Lake, Bowman Lake, Kintla Lake and Many Glacier, the latter offering the best hikes into the heart of the park. There are many campgrounds and lodges inside the park and private amenities are available both at ...

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QT Luong is known for being the first to photograph all America’s 59 National Parks – in large format. Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan featured him in The National Parks: America's Best Idea. His photographs are extensively published and have been the subject of four large-format books including Treasured Lands (winner of 6 national book awards), several magazine and newspaper profiles, solo gallery and museum exhibits across the U.S.

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