Pushing Past Fear

Growth as an artist involves recognising fear in its many forms and giving in to our creative insights. Trevor Anderson shares his thoughts

Throughout a lifetime, many things will change. One of the successes of an artistic pursuit lies in its ability to be fluid and help the artist process and understand these life changes. Art serves as a mirror that can continually reflect a changing awareness. Photography can be a great medium to push beyond the limits of fear to discover oneself. Growing as an artist involves being conscious of the things which resist us and taking approaches to see things in a new light.

Fear is something that holds many artists back. It uses many different names and faces, but it is fear at its essence. If you are experiencing any fear to explore something that is potentially beneficial, then it is most likely a situation that presents a great deal of growth. Fear finds its greatest ally in the familiar. It can’t work in the light of the unknown; fear will paint the unknown in darkness so that you do not explore it and reveal fear for what it truly is, a road block to self-understanding. Each time we follow through with our creative inklings, we strengthen our muscles to fight the resistance of fear. We are here to know and understand ...

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Trevor Anderson

I am Trevor Anderson and I am a Pacific Northwest based Photographer. With the immense natural beauty and recreational opportunities available in my region, I was drawn to exploring the moods of nature while hiking at a relatively young age.

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