Mark Bauer • Annoyances and Irritations

Inspired by Orwell’s greatest novel, Mark Bauer tells us what aspects of photography he would like to send off into the void

For those of you unfamiliar with the British TV and radio programme ‘Room 101’, it is a comedy series in which guests are invited to discuss their pet hates and grievances and try to persuade the host to banish them to the eponymous room, a location inspired by the torture room in George Orwell’s novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.

It is a great programme and one I really enjoy watching, though it does tend to bring out the inner curmudgeon in me. To be fair, though, that curmudgeon lives pretty near the surface and doesn’t need much encouragement to appear. So occasionally, in quieter moments, I will make lists of the things which I would like to consign to the oblivion of Room 101. So here is my rundown of photography-related things that I would like to chuck in there.

Let’s start with one of the most baffling behavioural traits of modern times: taking pictures of the back of your camera and posting them on social media.

I really struggle to understand why on earth anyone would want to do this. If the conditions are so great, then surely you should just immerse yourself in the moment and enjoy it? And if you feel a desperate urge to share the moment with your social media friends and followers, then doesn’t it make more sense to get home quickly, process the picture and post that? As a viewer of images, I would much rather wait to see the finished article than some fuzzy, barely discernible image of an image on an LCD screen. If you think about it for a moment, posting shots of the back of your camera is ...

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Mark Bauer

Mark Bauer is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers with work published worldwide. He is the author of 3 books, including ‘The Landscape Photography Workshop’ (with Ross Hoddinott).

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