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Luminosity and Contrast • eBook by Alister Benn

Luminosity and Contrast is a Black and White eBook with a difference. Rather than going over familiar ground, Alister has approached the topic with a fresh vision, delving into the real and practical purposes of both Luminosity and Contrast in Black and White Photography. After some introductory chapters on the zone system, emotional impact and light conditions, the author covers broad overviews of both Luminosity and Contrast. He follows this with a chapter on the role of Transitions in photography and how powerful these can be in the articulation of intent.

Alister illustrates the theory with numerous images from his catalog, many of which he worked specifically for the book. The vast majority of these photographs took less than 5 minutes to develop, proving that successful images do not need to take all day to process.

Half the book contains in-depth Processing chapters, and in these sections Alister covers his own style of editing, starting simply and quickly in Lightroom and advancing all the way through to his most advanced techniques in Photoshop using Tony Kuyper’s V6 Luminosity Masks and the History Brush.
PDF format eBook, 233 double pages, around 60 MB.

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