Joshua Cripps • Photographing Sierra Nevada

Are you seeking national park beauty without the crowds? As Joshua Cripps says, strap on a backpack and head off on a trail into the Sierra Nevada high country

On a global scale, California's largest mountain range can't compete for fame with ranges like the Himalayas, the Andes or the Alps. Overall, they may even be less well known than other American ranges such as the Rockies and the Appalachians. However, when it comes to sheer grandeur, the Sierra Nevada hold their own with any mountains on the planet. After all, these are the mountains that cradle the endless blue expanse of Lake Tahoe, serve as terra firma for the largest trees in the world, the giant sequoias – and, of course, the Sierra also birthed one of the most famous national parks on the planet, Yosemite.

I have heard it said that Half Dome, one of Yosemite's centerpieces, is the most recognizable rock on the globe. Whether or not that is true, there is certainly no arguing that people from every country imaginable descend on Yosemite each year in order to gaze in wonder at this insane chunk of granite protruding 4800 feet (1460 meters) into the sky from the valley below. And don’t forget about El Capitan, Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite Falls and the myriad other granite monoliths and waterfalls that make this place so captivating ...

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Joshua Cripps

Josh spends a great deal of time every year in the field seeking out the finest landscapes on earth. Hiking at least 45 miles to capture every photo, Josh ensures that every image he crafts represents the very heart of the wilderness.

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