Interview With Terry Gibbins

Terry Gibbins is a London-based black cab driver. Here, Graeme Green talks to him about photographing cities, new adventures in water abstracts and favourite locations to explore in his cab

The Shard, The Walkie Talkie, The Cheesegrater. None of these buildings existed 25 years ago when Greenwich-born Terry Gibbins started working in London as a black cab driver. The English capital’s constantly changing cityscapes not only add excitement to working in the city, but they also open up fantastic possibilities for anyone with a keen interest in creative landscape photography. Terry’s camera, tripod and photographic gear are always with him in his taxi as he drives around the city, ready to capture iconic buildings in the perfect light or a one-off scene of London characters going about their day. Though he spends most of his life in the English capital, he also has a love of photographing great wilderness areas, from the Hebrides to Northumberland.

London’s skyline and cityscapes are always evolving. What’s that like for a taxi driver/photographer?
It is brilliant. Yes, it is constantly changing. This week, I captured a new composition on Waterloo Bridge. I don’t think anyone has done it yet. It is The Shard, but it’s sandwiched between two buildings, one still being constructed and it’s best just before sunset when the sun is very low. That picture wasn’t there six months ago. It is possible now because of the new buildings going up on Blackfriars Bridge. They normally go for funny names for the new buildings, but I don’t think they have given this one a name yet.

What would you call it?
I call it the sex toy because that’s what it looks like.

Is it useful to always have your camera with you in your taxi?
Most definitely. Sometimes the opportunities pop up under the right light conditions. You race across London and ...

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