Interview With Joshua Snow

We talk to the fine art, landscape and night photographer Joshua Snow about leaving his old life for a new one, teaching, taking risks and his influences
Interview by Tiffany Reed Briley

In 2016 you left your career as a mechanical engineer after some time spent in the desert of Utah. Can you articulate what happened in the desert that changed the course of your life?
I think it was the stark difference from anything I have ever seen. I had never seen mountains, or the desert, or skies quite so dark. At the time I was getting obsessed with night photography so the dark skies really had a profound affect on me. I have spent my entire life looking for that one ‘thing’ I was meant to do. That week in the desert revealed what that was.

Was that a solo trip or were you there with friends? Out of all the places that have dark night sky, what was it specifically about the desert that captivated you?
Honestly, in the northeast there aren’t many places with truly dark skies and certainly nothing to the level of the desert southwest! The combination of the alien landscape and very dark skies is ...

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