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Ian Middleton • Beyond the Golden Hour

If you want the best pictures, you might well have to get up in the middle of the night to take them. Ian Middleton tells us if it's worth it

The golden hour: those precious moments before and after sunrise and sunset – the photographer’s prime time; or is it? I am often asked if this is the best time to take photographs. My answer is usually: “Yes, if you want golden photos!”

In the days of film, many of the great landscape photographers would even put a warm-up filter on their lens to enhance the golden light produced at this time. Many will tell you that this is the best light in which to get out and do landscape photography. While I agree that it is a great time to catch warm golden light, great light can also be found outside of this time. Even, dare I say, at midday in high summer; typically considered to be the ultimate taboo.

Too early for some
Getting up for sunrise can be a huge problem for many. It often involves getting up, especially in summer, at 2 or 3am in order to not only travel to your location, but also get to the actual place you need to stand. This could mean ...

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