Alex Otto • How To Avoid Frustration

Driven hundreds of miles, and spent a ton of cash, to get the perfect photo and… come home with nothing? Don’t despair, Alex Otto explains how you can avoid future disappointment

Landscape photographers have to cope with problems that someone in a studio, who is very much in control of the environment, will never have to put up with. Be it bad weather, road closure, physical stress and pain, or various other factors.

With going outdoors comes a partial surrender to the elements and immersion into the natural world we cannot control. I found myself in situations where I felt anger and frustration rising within me countless times during my photography trips. Opposed to what some people want us to believe, landscape photography is not all fun and sunshine; it can be hard work, tedious and difficult to pull through even if you are a dedicated landscape photographer. Sometimes, it is more about perseverance than skill. But what do you do when you feel like throwing your camera into the next lake, river or stream because you are completely disheartened?

This article is meant to advise readers on some strategies to prevent such sentiments from getting the best of you and standing in the way of your artistic expression. Over the past years I have made several trips and had shooting occasions where I was waiting for light, but to no avail. I drove thousands of kilometres or paid money without capturing a single picture in return. It comes with the territory. Thus, here are some of the ways that can help you minimise disappointment ...

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Nicolas Alexander Otto

Nicolas Alexander Otto is a young landscape photographer based in Germany. Starting out back in 2008, what once was a sporadic past time has slowly become a semi-professional part time job.

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