Frozen Plitvice Lakes

Ed Marshall takes a trip to the beautiful Plitvice Lakes in Croatia in the middle of the winter. Here he tells us all about the amazing and countless photographic opportunities it presented

On January 2017 I travelled to Croatia in the hope of photographing winter scenes of the Plitvice Lakes National Park. A freezing blizzard that had swept across most of eastern Europe in the weeks before meant that the conditions that awaited us were perfect. A captivating location throughout the year, it's made all the more so by deep snow, frozen waterfalls, and ice-locked lakes.

Wind turbines pass below and land comes into view, flat and sprawling like a strange ink spreading on paper. We have just crossed over the English Channel and are settling into a two-hour flight to our destination in eastern Europe. It is late January and social media along with the news has informed us of what lies ahead, but it’s not long before we start to see evidence of it for ourselves. Fields turn into a weird patchwork of earthy brown and clean white, as though a strange new crop has started to dominate the agricultural landscape, becoming more and more prevalent as we go. Snow-covered fields give way to hills dusted white, and hills give way to snow-capped peaks rising and falling below us. The mountainous alps let us know that we are just over halfway. Ahead, a seemingly impenetrable wall of cloud stands in our way, the view from the window is becoming obscured by the thick, flickering cloud as we hit it. Moments pass until, finally, we burst through the low-lying cloud revealing the almost other-worldly appearance of our destination, Croatia, buried under a seemingly endless blanket of snow.

I can't quite remember the last time I saw snow before landing in Croatia, at least not snow like this, powdery, plentiful, pristine. We had journeyed from our typically mild climate on the Isles of Scilly in the UK to the cold Zagreb airport, and upon arrival drove towards the southwest, headed for our destination that so far ...

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