Establishing Personal Style

The well of artistic freedom can be mined if you are able to create a personal style. In the first of a two-part series Alain Briot tells us how to look at facts, not opinions

Developing a personal style is the goal of many photographers and rightly so. In fact, it has always been the goal for artists as art is all about the artist – therefore, creating art that is unique to us represents the ultimate artistic achievement. However, developing a style has become a more urgent goal because of the ever-increasing number of ‘photographers’ that join the medium.

For a long time, camera ownership has been incorrectly used as the basis for calling oneself a photographer. The fact that cameras are now built into cell phones means that if we follow this failed logic, virtually everyone can call themselves ‘photographers.’ However, the truth of the matter is that ...

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Alain Briot creates fine art photographs, teaches workshops and offers DVD tutorials. Alain’s three books are available as printed books on and as eBooks on his website.

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