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The publisher, Fotovue, has built an impressive library of photo-location guidebooks covering the different regions of England. However, despite the magnetic appeal of Scotland to landscape photographers, this region has not been included in their list, until now. Does this large volume, covering 280 locations, all over Scotland, live up to the high standards of the previous guides? David Hay has a review

It is a truly daunting task to try and cover the best photographic locations, across the whole of Scotland, in one volume. When Dougie Cunningham accepted the challenge, he had to dedicate 3-4 years of his life to the task, travelling around the country, gathering images whenever the weather allowed. His solution to visiting these often-remote locations was to buy an old van and convert it into a camper.

I was fortunate to attend a presentation that Dougie gave to our Photographic Society in which he regaled us with stories of his many breakdowns and rescues, from some very remote locations. The one that sticks in my mind was when he broke down on Barra and had to phone the rescue organisation. They said they had no-one on the island to help. Because he had been out on a dawn shoot, Dougie had fallen asleep in the van, only to be woken by two men in white coats. They had been sent from a fish farm to push his van onto the ferry to South Uist, where repair facilities were available! Despite confessing that he was not a confident public speaker, Dougie went on to provide the most entertaining talk of the whole season. His sense of humour and enthusiasm for the task in hand came across strongly to the ...

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