Cat Burton • Creative Composite Landscapes

If you think merging aspects of photographs is a recent invention, think again. Cat Burton tells us about compositing and why merging photographic compositions is her passion

Composite photography is the process of combining multiple photographs to create a final artwork. This is an art form that has been around for much longer than many of us might realise. While modern-day artists often produce their works using digital technology and Photoshop, there is much evidence of composite photography created long before these modern tools existed.

Evidence of photomontages can be found reaching further than 150 years ago. Oscar Gustav Rejlander’s 1857 artwork ‘Two Ways Of Life’ is a phenomenal example and was created using over 30 meticulously combined negatives. The more recent 1950s work of Grete Stern shows fantastic creativity and surreal ideas. While we might see more of these works today thanks to easy access to technology and the internet, composite photography is far from a new idea.

My passion for this art form comes from a desire to tell a story with my work. Landscapes feature predominantly in my images alongside natural subjects and interesting buildings. My goal is to tell a narrative and provoke a feeling rather than ...

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