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Trip planning, composition and excellent advice: Brandon Yoshizawa tells us how to take the perfect picture of beautiful waves as well as smooth water surfaces by using long exposures

Photographing seascapes allows you to employ a wide variety of shooting techniques that can really let your creativity shine. With landscapes, many times the elements of your scene are static. With seascapes, however, you are dealing with a subject matter that is constantly moving and can be manipulated with the right settings and equipment. This type of photography comes with extra elements of risk. You must always ensure that you use precaution and protect yourself and your camera gear from the forces of nature. However, with great risk comes great reward in the form of adding some stunning images to your portfolio. This guide will take you through the steps of how to plan your trip to get the most out of it, as well as lay out the wide variety of shooting options available in order to capture a successful seascape image.

Before you go
As with any photoshoot, you need to understand what equipment to bring. You will need your camera and a sturdy tripod to start with. There can be a lot of unwanted shake when shooting near water, as incoming waves can cause vibrations that may cause blur in your image. Shooting on the sand can also cause your tripod to sink during an exposure. Always make sure to ...

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Brandon Yoshizawa

Brandon is an outdoor enthusiast who loves photographing landscapes, cityscapes and wildlife. Capturing photos around the world allows him to not only share the beauty of nature with others, but also to create and document memories.

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