Andrew Waddington • Patagonia’s Winter Delights

Patagonia is a dream location for landscape photographers. Many choose to visit during the picturesque fall season, but in this article Andrew Waddington explains why we should visit in winter

Landscape Photography Magazine readers will undoubtedly be familiar with the spectacular mountain scenery of southern Patagonia. During the last decade, photographers have been visiting Patagonia in increasing numbers. Collectively, the two most popular national parks, Torres del Paine in Chile and Los Glaciers National Park in Argentina, receive approximately half a million visitors annually. These numbers have steadily increased year by year. Sadly, the increasingly large numbers of visitors have had an adverse impact on the environment. In January 2012, a foreign tourist was held responsible for causing a huge fire in Torres del Paine. The fire, which devastated vast areas of native forest, is expected to take decades to fully recover. However, those planning to photograph within Patagonia should not let this deter them from visiting this stunning part of the world.

Patagonia’s national parks are spectacular and photographers with a keen eye may be richly rewarded, no matter the season they choose to visit.

It has to be said that photographers tend to be influenced by the images they see online. With the majority of workshops visiting in the autumn, it stands to reason that ...

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Andrew Waddington

Andrew Waddington is a landscape photographer from England who grew up in a photographic family, the family. Andrew has photographed the American west for three years; he has also photographed Patagonia extensively.

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