Alister Benn • The Power of Evaluative Judgement

What are our opinions worth? Our creative integrity is all we have, and our ability to judge our own work, and the work of others, is a crucial aspect of being landscape photographers. Alister Benn outlines how this ever-changing world is unfolding

Landscape photography is in an ever-changing state of flux – what was once one thing is now another, and another, and another. Each of us is influenced by the globalisation of an art form open to all and each day we are confronted with thousands of images: and we judge them all.

In this month’s article I aim to delve into the phenomenon of judgement, how the external and the internal differ, and finally our relationship with it regarding our own creative integrity.

The World of Judgement
We all judge, every minute of every day. Whether we call it judging or opinion, preference, feeling or taste: semantics aside, we are stripping the world down to like, dislike or ambivalence. I like Indian food, the colour blue and bird-watching. I dislike oysters! I am truly ambivalent to the Kardashians! Every decision we ever make is based on judgement or preference. Our choices of breakfast, clothes to wear, car to drive, TV shows to watch. We judge, we choose, we prefer, we feel.

Every image that crosses our path is subjected to an instantaneous assessment. We do this ...

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Alister Benn

Alister Benn is the Founder of Expressive Photography Limited, a company dedicated with passion to encourage individual creativity. He also produces weekly YouTube videos on the entire creative process, from vision, engagement, aesthetics, geometry to the technical aspects of capture and the myriad of processing options.

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