Alister Benn • Creating Powerful Images

As the days get shorter and the nights get longer and colder, Alister Benn explains how we could produce images that are engaging, dynamic, challenging and powerful during these freezing winter months

As the northern hemisphere is gripped in the midst of another winter, it is easy to let the gloom weigh heavy on our hearts. Short days and long nights throw out our body clocks and many start calendar-watching in the hope of an early spring. However, from a creativity point of view, this is my absolute favourite time of the year; a time to let complexity and rich saturated colours take a back seat in favour of simplicity, subtlety and thoughtfulness.

Without a doubt, glorious colourful flowers juxtaposed with a mountain peak under a lenticular crowded sky make for dramatic, powerful images. They very much typify the contemporary desire for ‘more is better’, and with the dual complexity of technical and creative process, they are demanding on the photographer as well.

What I am urging us to consider this month is using this approach in different, less intense circumstances to produce images that are engaging, dynamic, challenging and powerful, but in a different way. Instead of throwing down the gauntlet with numerous dramatic elements, what if we ...

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