Alain Briot • Turning Photographs Into Art III

Exposure can be used as an artistic technique. In the latest instalment of this series, Alain Briot is going to look at it in the context of turning photographs into art

Exposure differs between film and digital. With film the exposure is set when the image is captured in the field. How the image looks cannot be changed much. As such, any decisions about overexposing or underexposing define the final look of the image and have to be made at the time of capture.

With digital, how the image is exposed in the field is only a point of departure. The final look of the image can be easily changed in the raw converter during image processing. What matters most with digital is to capture as much information as possible in the field. This is done by using a technique commonly referred to as Expose To The Right or ETTR. This means exposing the image in a way so that the histogram on the camera’s LCD screen is pushed to the right. This may mean overexposing the shadows and getting an image which is brighter than you want the final image to be. That is not a problem because the final look of the image is set in the raw converter. The image can be adjusted to look darker or brighter than it looks on ...

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