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Seeing original prints from master photographers inspired Alain Briot to create his own photographs and learn how to print them as well as they did. Even in our digital age, tradition matters, so can we remake how we view printing?

Great prints are inspiring. They move us, transport us to places and help us experience the events they capture. Prints are the expression of our vision, skill and talent. Seeing an image on screen and seeing the same image as a fine art print is a very different experience. An image can look great on screen but dull on paper. A masterful fine art print looks better than its lookalike on screen. It is a successful translation of the screen image into ink laid on paper. It takes skill, practice and experience to perform this translation successfully. Creating an expressive print requires more than pressing the print button. When done to masterful standards a print sends shivers down your spine.

I have yet to experience this from looking at an image on screen.

I often hear people say that a great print is lyrical. A symphony or musical piece, a work of literature even. A vision offering a different experience each time we see it.

Today we have computer monitors through which we can see and share our work. The monitor is our best friend and worst enemy. For all the possibilities it offers us – converting, processing, archiving and sharing images – it takes out one of the most ...

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Alain Briot creates fine art photographs, teaches workshops and offers DVD tutorials. Alain’s three books are available as printed books on and as eBooks on his website.

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