Alain Briot • Collecting Art III

Getting a gallery to sell your work seems like a big ask. Alain Briot tells us how he navigated the terrain, via the Grand Canyon

The first thing I did in 1994 after deciding to sell my photographs was to look for a gallery that was willing to carry my work. In the town I lived in at the time, Houghton-Hancock in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the choice was simple because there was only one gallery. Furthermore, the Tosh Gallery, as it was named, had just opened and was looking for artists. I walked in with my work and showed it to Tom, the owner. He liked what he saw, needed the inventory and, just like that, I started selling my work in his gallery.

I am far from being alone in this approach. Most artists who start selling their work, first look for a gallery to carry their work. It seems to be the way to go, even though it is far from being a panacea. For one, I gave control of my destiny to a struggling gallery owner who, after a few months, proved to be lacking in fundamental business skills. Now that I reflect about that time in my career, I have to admit it was an odd decision. At the time I was a PhD graduate student in the Humanities department at MTU (Michigan Technological University). Overworked, underpaid and unsatisfied while looking at a future which consisted of an income that would never allow me to repay the debt I incurred, I had decided to sell my work to take control of my destiny instead of falling prey to the sorry-looking career path that academia offered me. Yet, the first thing I did was put my career in the hands of ...

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