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Winter Wonderland Gallery

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  1. Avatar
    kristenwestlake on

    I received an email saying my image was featured in the winter wonderland gallery but I don’t see my image in the issue.
    Apparently there is a supplement to the magazine but this is the page the supplement link came to.
    Any help as to how to obtain a copy of the supplement and where a Kristen Westlake image is appreciated.
    I am usually quite tech savvy so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.


    • Avatar

      Hi Kristen
      Fill in the form below and click submit. You will receive an email with download instructions.

  2. Avatar
    Clifford Wilton on

    Hello LPM team,
    Thanks for the reply, but the only “form below” I can see is the Newsletter subscription form at the very bottom of the page – and I have already completed that and submitted it today.
    There is no other “form below” on the web page. Thanks, Clifford.

    • Avatar

      Below the picture you can find the editor’s remarks. Below that there is a form titled ‘Free Download’. In there you can add your name, country and email address and click SUBMIT. If you cannot see any of this, then you have a serious problem. Are you using any kind of ad blocking in your system?

    • Avatar
      Clifford Wilton on

      Hi Team,
      Thanks for such a prompt reply to my second email.
      Yes you’re right – I have ad-blocker on my internet pages.
      Have removed it – and hey presto! All ok now. Clifford.

    • Avatar

      Adblockers are not as wonderful as they sound. Most of the time you have no idea what you are missing out. Just a thought.

  3. Avatar
    Clifford Wilton on

    Yes, please email me the download link for Winter Wonderland Gallery 2017,
    I assume this is the “add your details in the form below” space – I can see no other link!
    Clifford Wilton

    • Avatar

      Hi Clifford
      Add your details in the form below, click submit and you will receive an email with the download instructions.

  4. Avatar

    Maybe it is me, but I cannot spot a form to fill in on this page as stated in the text above?
    Tested on Mac OS Sierra with both Chrome and Safari.
    Could someone help me out, please?

    Thanks in advance

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