Why Do We Take Photographs?

Take a moment to consider the reason you take photographs. While everyone’s motivations might be different, David Hay reflects on his own reasons, and the most common reasons cited by others

An old friend of mine, who had a good eye for a photograph, eventually stopped taking any more photos. When I asked him why, he said that everything had already been photographed. We were all just repeating ourselves, copying other peoples’ images, imitating the work of photographers who had already been everywhere and done it better. My argument against this was that everywhere looks different each time you visit, even if you go back to exactly the same place. The seasons change, the angle of the light is different. You can try and take a better picture than you have taken there before.

With the advent of digital photography, more photographs are being taken than ever before. Most photographers are now taking four or five times more exposures than they did in the days of film. But are we taking better pictures or just...

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David Hay

I took up photography at the age of eleven and have been passionate about it ever since. As a retired biologist I still marvel at the beauty of the natural world and try and capture the colours and forms of natural things around me.

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