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Using ND Graduated Filters in Landscape Photography

Using ND Graduated Filters in Landscape Photography
By using graduated neutral density filtration, the lighting inconsistencies within your scene will become dramatic effects within your scenery, enhancing the overall beauty of your landscapes
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Combating the inevitable inconsistencies of natural lighting can, and often times will, dictate when, where and how we photograph particular landscapes. These variations of lighting, which may present themselves in the form of cloudy skies, powerful rays of sun or even a mild haze, each require proper technique, timing and use of equipment if one wishes to successfully overcome them.

However, overcoming the unknown lighting conditions of our outdoor adventures doesn’t have to be as complex as it may seem. With the help of proper neutral density filtration, lighting inconsistencies can become positives in our photography, creating drama and depth in an otherwise regular looking sky. By taking advantage of filtration, specifically graduated neutral density, you are immediately in control of the light balance within your scene, allowing for proper exposure in the foreground. This proper exposure in the foreground will then help you to avoid washed out and over exposed skies, as well as underexposed and dark bases. By using graduated neutral density filtration, you are taking advantage of nature’s many variations of lighting, and turning them into a possibility for drama and new creative potential.

The benefits of using graduated neutral density filtration have proven themselves in a variety of conditions and settings. However, in a world full of filtration options, picking the most effective method can prove challenging. While post production edits can drastically improve the level of lighting in a given scene, the risk of over processing and improperly adjusting lighting is often too high. To avoid the risk and guarantee properly balanced lighting, Tiffen, an award-winning manufacturer of variety of filters, produced their own graduated neutral density line. This line, ranging in stops and densities, drastically improves lighting variations within a scene, giving you a properly lit and breathtaking landscape. By utilizing these filters, we are able to achieve the perfect in camera shot and can avoid unnecessary and potentially risky post production edits.

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