Triptychs II

In the second part in his series on Triptychs, Alain Briot offers a few examples of the power of three images combined as a triptych in landscape and fine art photography

In the same way I constructed my previous series of essays on abstract landscape photography, I decided to separate the examples for this series on Triptychs in two different essays, one for color examples and one for black and white examples. This is therefore the first of two essays featuring triptych examples.

Rock abstracts
Some of the Rock Abstract photographs featured in the triptychs below were published previously as single images in my Abstractions essay series. I decided to use them to create triptychs for two reasons.

First, abstract images are very good candidates for triptych compositions because they take on additional meaning when positioned next to comparable images of the same subject. While this is true for any well-composed triptych, this is particularly true for abstracts because of the lack of information about the original subject and context.

Second, abstract images do not reveal the context in which the subject was located. Positioning it next to two other images...

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