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Thematic Collections

Many photographers capture fantastic images, but bringing them together into a collection can be difficult. Alister Benn offers some pointers on how to do it successfully

When you walk into a gallery and spend time with the works, there is a feeling in the room, an ambience that itself sets an emotional context for the experience. Similarly, when I grew up on Progressive Rock music, vinyl albums of the time tended to have a Side One/Side Two split, where longer pieces of music told stories, created soundscapes and generally gave you something to immerse yourself into. To a certain extent, that has been lost in 2017, as music is more often consumed in series of isolated 0.99c downloads. Equally, in photography, bombarded with millions of images per day, these too are often random, unconnected and uncomplimentary to the attainment of a contemplative, appreciative state.

This is contrary to how we enjoyed images in the past; well thought out and presented collections of images that worked around a concept and created a thematic ambience more conducive to prolonged study. The following pointers can prove useful in putting together your own collections to present more professional eye-catching portfolios...

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Alister Benn

Alister Benn is a full-time landscape photographer, author and guide. Having lived for over a decade in the Himalaya of Tibet and SW China, he now lives and works on the Isle of Skye with his wife Juanli Sun.

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