The Importance of Imagination

Skill matters in landscape photography – but it isn’t everything. Lauren Buchholz shares her thoughts on why imagination plays a critical part in capturing inspirational images

When I was a child, I had a kingdom. Our family home bordered a large garden and a small strip of forest that were magnified many times over in my imagination. The woods were replete with labyrinths, wild creatures and secret hideouts. It was here my friends and I built castles, protecting our domain with passwords and spells. Naturally, the garden served as our banquet hall.

When I revisited the garden and woods a few years ago, I was initially struck by how small and insignificant they seemed. My world had grown exponentially since childhood and it was difficult to see how such a simple setting could have entertained me for so long.

In reality, I’d simply lost sight of what made this place significant: my willingness to look beyond what it was and envision what it could be.

As adults, we are conditioned to see things as they are. It is a technique that allows us to ...

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