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The Development of Taste

The Development of Taste
Being open to a variety of influences allows you to encounter new things you might not have otherwise. Alister Benn suggests allowing yourself to be surprised can be a boon to the creativity of your photography too

Photography is changing; each day we see more images pass before our eyes than ever before. I read an article recently, which stated that when the first photo-taking phones became available in 2004, an estimated 29 billion images were taken with just that format in one year. Where are we at with that now? Billions of images are still taken every day. I can only speak for myself, but sometimes I truly feel as if I am drowning in images! My own line of defence against this tsunami is to withdraw further into myself and my own work – thinking more, reflecting more and generally finding a way to surf this wave of popular culture.

When not out and about travelling with workshops, increasingly, I retire to my office in the cottage up the glen and work in solitude. I hike the local ridges and listen to music or play guitar, while I concentrate on producing images that I feel represent me. I have used musical metaphors before in my articles and the truth is, as an artist, I probably...

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Alister Benn

Alister Benn is a full-time landscape photographer, author and guide. Having lived for over a decade in the Himalaya of Tibet and SW China, he now lives and works on the Isle of Skye with his wife Juanli Sun.

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