The Craft of Planning a Trip II

A lot of thought needs to go into a trip, especially if you are planning it yourself. In this second part of his article on how to plan a trip, Alexander Otto discusses how to ensure you can actually get to a spot safely, and how to time your trip

As this is the second part of an article, let me briefly sum up what was covered in the first. In a nutshell, the first part looked at how to find interesting locations for landscape photography without having to invest time into browsing online galleries but using the various options Google Earth offers instead. This enables us to scout for locations without referring to the work of other photographers, which means that we can foster our own creative vision without being influenced by those of others. By using topography and satellite data, this also opens up the opportunity to see beyond what has already been explored in pictures. This follow-up article is focused on how you may gather more precise information about a location that you have already set your sights on, as well as how to string together different interesting places into a shooting itinerary for your next journey or road trip.

Taking into account that there is a multitude of things to consider when setting a timeframe for a specific location, let’s start with something more basic: how to get to a spot. In some cases it is fairly easy to get to a desired area. Sometimes, it is as easy as getting out of a car and walking a few paces down to the shore to shoot a seascape. Other times, however, it can take a little more effort to find out how to get to a specific point. One way to do it is to...

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Nicolas Alexander Otto

Nicolas Alexander Otto is a young landscape photographer based in Germany. Starting out back in 2008, what once was a sporadic past time has slowly become a semi-professional part time job.

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