The Cosmos in an Apple

The Cosmos in an Apple By Rafael Rojas
We all want to make extraordinary images, but to do so requires creativity and vision. Rafael Rojas talks about the process of creating extraordinary images
Most photographers want their images considered extraordinary. But what does ‘extraordinary’ mean? According to the dictionary, extraordinary is something ‘unusual and surprising’. That is, something is extraordinary when it takes us out of what we are used to seeing, experiencing or feeling in our everyday life. We could conclude this quality is way more related to the concept of ‘scarcity’ than ‘quality’. An extraordinary photograph, therefore, would per se have little to do with the level of its quality, if we define quality by the depth of vision from the photographer who made it, and would be more related to the degree of novelty and the surprise effect it raises in the observer. It is only when we investigate the origin of that novelty, that is, the place where that surprise effect comes from, that we can start making connections and assessments of quality value.

It could be thought that whenever a landscape photograph is made, a certain conversation takes place between a certain place and a human being, who stands behind the camera. However, the degree of participation of...

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  1. I, personally think there is little in this universe that is not “extraordinary.” Including what may be just outside our front door. It’s more about “how” you see things than what is there. Two people will pass by the same subject, one will not even notice, another will create an “extraordinary” image. Look at VanGogh, Cezanne, Vermeer, Weston, Porter, and others, wonderful images of so called “ordinary” people and/or things.

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