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Swedish Lapland

Travelling through Sweden on Nordic skis is a photographic adventure of a lifetime. Sleeping in mountain huts, seeing the Northern Lights and coming through a blizzard are just some of the experiences Lizzie Shepherd encountered

I am no stranger to photographing on skis, having combined my love of Nordic skiing with photography on many previous holidays. Until this trip, however, outings on skis were limited to day trips only and usually at a time of year when the days were quite long and I could take my time, stopping for photography as often as my long suffering husband, Rob, could bear!

This year we were going to be skiing part of the famous Kunsleden or King’s Trail in Arctic Sweden – something we wanted to do for many years. You can do it as part of an organised group but we opted to go alone, confidence gained from having skied a little bit of the well-marked trail on a previous visit to the area. Our route would take us over around 100km of mixed terrain, from Abisko to Kebnekaise, staying at mountain huts each night.

The route is well marked but travels through some very remote mountainous scenery; the weather can be brutal and there is no mobile phone signal and no electricity nor running water at any of the huts. First and foremost, we had to...

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Lizzie Shepherd

Lizzie is a full-time professional photographer based in North Yorkshire and specialising in landscape, nature and travel photography. She runs small group workshop and offers 1-2-1 tuition.

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