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Square Filter Holders Are Changing Landscape Photography

Square Filter Holders Are Changing Landscape Photography
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Very few feelings can compare to those we experience when we successfully capture that ‘perfect’ in-camera picture. While post production edits can add substantial value to our imagery, the effects we receive from proper camera filtration have always been those of which we strive to see successfully achieved in our photography.

These effects, such as the enhancement of vibrant blue skies, smooth wispy water and dramatic sunsets, are all made possible with the help of filters and their corresponding systems.

The ability to have full creative freedom is paramount in photography. Being able to visualize in a ‘what if’ mindset, will allow you to enhance your creative art. By using filters and stacking filters together, such as a circular polarizer and an ND filter, you will have greater creative control and potential. Filters and filter holders such as Tiffen’s PRO100, will allow you to use up two 4x4 and 4X5.650 at one time. The Tiffen filter holder, which comes paired in five different unique kit options, was designed by a photographer who understood the quality of Tiffen’s filters and the opportunities they would present to those who used them. Thus, the PRO100 was created to help landscape photographers across the globe, unleash their creativity and make the unimaginable possible. By using two 4X4 filters on a DSLR camera, you eliminate the hassle of having to purchase several circular filters to create the same effect. These effects, such as the ones mentioned above, become an organic part of your image, enabling you to avoid potential over processing and other pitfalls of improper or excessive post production editing.

It’s likely that you have spent a great deal of money on your camera and lenses. Whether you have recently started photography or been involved in this art form for a while, you will likely have been told to research and purchase the best glass possible. Not all glass is created equal. For example, the Tiffen glass has won Academy Awards for their quality of glass and filters.

As landscape photographers, we embrace innovation, creativity and should be inspired to think about the ‘what ifs’ and using all the tools we can to create new and fresh imagery that speaks to our own style.

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