Solo vs Group Photography

Solo vs Group Photography
Excelling as a landscape photographer involves being comfortable with working with others and also alone. Trevor Anderson shares his account of the differences of each state

Making the most of Landscape photography involves being able to both work in isolation and with others. In my tenure as a landscape photographer, I have experienced photographing in both complete isolation and groups on many occasions. In this article I’d like to express my thoughts on each situation.

The majority of my photography time has been spent alone. It can be a challenge to arrange a trip with another at a moment’s notice, so taking off solo is often the only option. For many, the idea of heading into the wilderness alone can be fairly daunting and uncomfortable. Many safety precautions must be taken before heading out alone, including, but not limited to, bringing the ten essentials, leaving a detailed map of your whereabouts with someone at home, and also carrying bear spray or some form of deterrent if you are in an area where predatory animals roam.

There are definitely some unique benefits, I have noticed, to solo photography. The ability to...

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Trevor Anderson

I am Trevor Anderson and I am a Pacific Northwest based Photographer. With the immense natural beauty and recreational opportunities available in my region, I was drawn to exploring the moods of nature while hiking at a relatively young age.

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