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Seascape Photography • A Complete Guide

During the last one hundred years, landscape photography has developed and changed beyond recognition from what the pioneers back then would have known.

The fact that an exponential amount of that change has happened in the last few years is surely any indication of where our art form is going in the future.

Over the past decade we have formulated fairly strong opinions of where we fit into the whole spectrum of landscape photographers. We respect tradition and artistic integrity, but we also embrace technology.

This eBook has been written in order to teach you everything you need to know to get out there and start capturing marvellous seascapes. From the most basic and hassle-free techniques, through to the most complex and demanding contemporary disciplines at the cutting edge of our art and craft.

Seascape Photography • A Complete Guide by Alister Benn

PDF format eBook, 228 pages, 135.5mb.

Price £5.99 - $7.90 - €7.17 (currency conversion is approximate)

For saving on ipad see the instructions on our support page.

Please note: due to its large file size, it is best to download the eBook on a pc or laptop and then transfer it to a tablet. Some tablets cannot download large files with ease.

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