Revisiting Locations

Repeating our visits to places we love can very much help us grow artistically and develop our personal vision. Rafael Rojas explains why

Tomorrow, I am leaving towards northern Norway to run one of our annual photo-immersion workshops. We started going there many years ago, well before the place became integrated into the bucket lists of most landscape photographers. It will be the seventh time we will travel to Norway and the long gone thrill of exploring new and unknown places has been exchanged for the warm feeling of visiting an old friend.

As we run several workshops every year to some of the most authentic, intimate and magical places of this planet, we have had the chance of developing a close relationship to once-exotic locales many thousands of kilometres away from home. The consequence has been the widening of the concept of ‘home’. Today, we feel at home whether in the desert of Namibia, the frozen boreal forest of the Finnish Lapland or the cliffs of the Faroe Islands.

Going to a place for the first time is always exciting. Prior to the first trip, one dreams about the location that is about to be discovered. Looking at the map, reverie kicks in and the mind anticipates the thrill of visiting that new place and leaving our comfort zone. Photographically speaking, the first trip is...

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Rafael Rojas

Rafael Rojas is a fine art photographer, author and lecturer, whose work has been awarded in the most prestigious international photography competitions. His Fine Art prints, sold internationally, form part of numerous private and public collections.

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