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A Practical Guide To Exposure

More time and book pages have been dedicated to ‘exposure theory’ than any other topic of photographic learning. In the days of film it was a serious undertaking to make ‘good exposures’ and a great deal of craft require to save role after roll of film.

With digital cameras we have many shortcuts available and becoming proficient in exposing a picture is no longer a hard task. In fact, we will go on to show just how easy it is.

This eBook will teach you everything you need to know about exposure in order to get out there and start capturing outstanding landscape images.

A Practical Guide To Exposure by Alister Benn

PDF format eBook, 57 pages, 26.5mb.

Price £2.99 - $3.99 - €3.58 (currency conversion is approximate)

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    Great little eBook! I am happy I bought it. So much instruction and insight on tecniques for so little money. Thank you

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    I have subscribed to Landscape Photography first with your premium membership in later years with other plans since I have all past years.

    It is very short sighted on your part that the this exposure guide is only available free to new gold subscribers. What about your loyal subscriber base?

    • Avatar

      Hello Joseph
      We always take care of our loyal members and this eBook is available to all of them. The eBook can be downloaded only from your profile page, please check there.

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