Photographic Memories

Photographic Memories
Photographic Memories
Do you spend hours creating the perfect images, only to put them in your portfolio and never look at them again? Adam Burton suggests taking time every now and then to revisit and enjoy the fruits of your labours

I love looking at my photographs. I don’t do it enough, but when I have reason to look back over my portfolio, I can become completely lost in the pictures. That may sound like a pretty arrogant statement to start an article, but bear with me.

There is something very special to be gained from revisiting your own pictures, as opposed to looking at other people’s, and that is memories. As photographers we are so lucky; each and every picture in our portfolios has an amazing power to reconnect a memory.

A couple of days ago I discovered a picture from a beautiful sunrise at Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland, captured two years before. At the time of capture I was so excited when the image popped up on my camera screen, but after returning home I promptly forgot all about the picture. After a while I had forgotten all about the moment. That amazing morning became a vague memory and all too soon had faded completely.

Until a couple of days ago, that is. While looking through my RAW files, I stumbled across this picture and it immediately released a flood of memories...

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