Need For Wilderness

At a time when our natural spaces are coming under ever greater threat from the progress of humanity into ever more wild spaces, Trevor Anderson puts forward the case for protecting these spaces

The space around us seems to be coming ever more compressed. Our urban areas are increasingly more crowded; the space for individuals is increasingly divided. Industry has over time encroached on nature and unless it is a protected wilderness area, this natural space is bound to diminish. I am reminded of this on an annual basis when I notice a new absence of trees below the mountain profiles on the Eastern horizon from Seattle.

Technology has also rapidly intruded on our mental space. It is difficult to walk around any modern city and not see the preoccupation with it. It seems the only time that we can escape such a fixation is when we are forced into being out of our device’s range; although even...

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Trevor Anderson

I am Trevor Anderson and I am a Pacific Northwest based Photographer. With the immense natural beauty and recreational opportunities available in my region, I was drawn to exploring the moods of nature while hiking at a relatively young age.

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