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Mount Hood, Trillium Lake, Oregon, USA

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Canon 5D Mk III | Canon 25-105mm f/4L IS | 20sec | f/18 | 100

Mount Hood, Trillium Lake, Oregon, USA
Mount Hood, Trillium Lake, Oregon, USA
Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 25-105mm f/4L IS, f/18, 20sec, ISO 100

Mount Hood has always been one of those mountains that has been elusive for me. Every time I tried to photograph a sunset or sunrise, it would always hide behind clouds. It started becoming a game of hide and seek!

This time I had made arrangements to go camping with a friend. The day started with clear blue skies, ideal conditions to be out hiking. We decided to go up to Cloud cap and hike there, then make our way down to Trillium Lake for sunset and Milky Way photography.

After hiking most of the day we figured we had better find a place to camp. I really didn't think it would be all that difficult to find a spot. Boy was I wrong! We drove to the main campsite but there was nothing there. Even the camp rangers said there wasn't much around. We searched everywhere for a place and we eventually found a little remote spot near the lake. I was beginning to think that we would end up camping in the parking lot.

All in all, it had been a good day, even the weather appeared to hold nicely for sunset. However, I do know from personal experience that conditions can, and do, change. I have seen it go from clear to totally clouded over in a matter of 45 minutes. So I wasn't holding my breath. This time, however, everything came together and I was able to catch the amazing light on the mountain. I guess some things are just worth waiting for!

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  1. Eline reeds deze mountain in het echt gezien , want onze zoon woont maar een 100 km van deze prachtige natuur, reeds met de auto over deze weg gereden en ik kan U melden dat deze natuur van Oregon onvergetelijk is, Oregon is een pracht van natuur en als liefhebber van natuur zounhet een ideale droom zijn om eens naar de staat Oregon te gaan , ik zelf heb er vorig jaar zoveel van genoten , (dirk)

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