Intimate Landscapes by Kathryn Wallace Yeaton

Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA
Canon 5D Mk III, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II, f/16, 1/3sec, ISO 100

This picture was captured in Lower Antelope Canyon on a recent photography trip through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona, USA.

The light and textures inside the slot canyon were breathtaking, although it was extremely crowded and I was being hurried along by a Navajo Indian guide. Not the most ideal photography conditions, however, I was determined to capture the feeling of being in a slot canyon.

To avoid having the people that surrounded me in the frame, I pointed my camera (on a tripod) directly upwards. The lighting was extremely challenging, with at least 6 stops exposure difference between the sky and the canyon. I fired off two different exposures and hoped my vision for the capture would come together later in post processing.

When I got home from the trip and culled through the 1000+ images that I had taken, these two got lost in the shuffle. A few weeks later I was making a second pass and decided to work on this image. After blending the two exposures for the sky and canyon wall, I was transported back to the bottom of that canyon. Looking up, seeing layer upon layer of eroded sandstone with just a sliver of blue sky visible above, this was the image I had hoped to capture, and I did.



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