Inspirational Destinations: France

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Karen Hutton is the latest photographer to face our questions. Read on to find out why she loves France so much, and where she thinks are the best places to photograph in that most photogenic of countries

Favorite Place

Oh, unfair question! I love everywhere I have visited, each place is a unique experience. However, the place I keep returning to is France. I love the culture, the food, the history, the language… all of it. I am a quarter French, so maybe that’s why. But there is something wonderful that awakens within me every time I visit France – and it has become one of my favorite destinations. 

Of course, Paris is simply… Paris! It is its own definition. I can never get enough. But I recently fell in love with the south of France, which is a completely different place and experience. The little villages, the Mediterranean sea, the incredible weather, easy access to the Alps for breathtaking scenery – simply divine. I usually home base in Cannes when I’m there, which for me is perfectly located for any adventure I desire. 

Best Time to Visit

While one can find amazing things any time of year – especially if you get out into the countryside – there are a couple of times a year that are my favorites. Crowds give me a rash, so I’m all in favour of spring and fall visits. I avoid summertime at all costs; between the heat and the press of tourist humanity, I just don’t enjoy the experience as much. In the south of France (Provence and the French Riviera) even the locals leave town at the height of summer! 

Time Allowed

Overall, France operates at a way different pace. They believe we should work to live, rather than live to work. So, in order to settle into this wonderful experience – a week is minimum. Three weeks is sublime. In a week, I would only focus on a couple of areas, whereas with more time you can enjoy city, country, seaside, mountains. It’s all there, beckoning. 

Be aware that many places – especially in the country, but even in many towns – close for an hour or two for lunch and, typically, nothing is open on Sundays. The bigger the city, the less this is true, but it is something to keep in mind when planning your time and activities. 

Hint: Factor in downtime! Time to rest, relax, put the camera down. It is so easy to try and pack way more into each day than you can actually take in. If there is one thing you should get about France: it’s all about absorbing and enjoying life. 

Town of Arrival

Both the Charles De Gaulle airport (CDG) in Paris and Nice Côte d'Azur Airport (NCE) are great options. I love Nice airport; it’s smaller, easier to get in and out of and generally more manageable. Either one is a great option though, depending upon what activities you have planned. Both are international airports. 

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Favorite Location When Visiting

Paris is not to be missed! If you go to the trouble of getting to France you owe it to yourself to visit for at least a few days and soak in the art, history and culture of Paris. 

Strasbourg is another wonderful city, with a variety of photo opportunities. It’s also very easy to swing into Germany from there by train, so if you want to cover more than one country, you are poised perfectly in Strasbourg. I love photographing Le Petite France at night – where you can watch the canal barges navigate through town, or even book your own luxury barge canal cruise.  

If you rent a car, the countryside of Normandy is incredible. Don’t miss Mont St-Michel! 

Hint: If you visit Mont St-Michel, plan an overnight stay on the island to enjoy photographing the place without the tourists and in the moody, beautiful lighting of night time!

Then, when you are ready for a different pace of life, a visit to the Mediterranean side and the French Riviera is sublime. I like to home base in Cannes (home of the famous Cannes International Film Festival), where you can take day trips via the train system all up and down the coast to visit beautiful places like Monaco and Villefranche sur Mer, or hop on a bus and venture up to Grasse (the world’s perfume capital), or rent a car for a day and see ancient medieval villages like Vence and St. Paul de Vence. This part of France is far more affordable and accessible than many people think. 

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Physical Activity Needed

Like so many parts of Europe, ancient cities, towns and villages weren’t built for cars and public transport. Even if you lodge in a town with plenty of transportation options, plan on lots of walking. Think in terms of tens of thousands of steps each day! Depending upon where you go, there can be stairs up hills, climbs up towers, or simply lots of ground to cover on foot. Even if you travel from one place to another via train, bus or car, once you are at your destination, you will want to explore on foot. Count on logging lots of miles/kilometers in the process! 

Then, if you are a hiker, you might head out into one of France’s beautiful hiking areas. Love biking? Consider taking a bike tour of your favorite region!

Area’s Favorite Location

Cannes’ old town or Le Suquet was the original fisherman's’ residential area of Cannes, parts of which date back 400 years. It overlooks the Bay of Cannes, with its eclectic combination of fishing boat and multi-million dollar yachts co-mingling in the same waters. 

In the foothills above Cannes is the town of Grasse. It’s widely known as the ‘capitale mondiale des parfums’ (translation: the world’s perfume capital). Grasse has been known as the capital of the fragrance industry since the seventeenth century. In fact, they grow many of the flowers used in the perfumes created there in the fields surrounding the town. You can explore its richly scented history at the Musée International de la Parfumerie, or by talking to many of the local merchants. There are even places where you can make your own perfume! 

But Grasse is rich in culture too, and the colors, grungy textures and photo opportunities around every corner have captured my heart. I visit every chance I get. 

Hint: it’s gorgeous in the rain, especially at night!

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Besides Photography

By all means, sink into the art, culture and culinary experience of France. There is so much of that in Paris, of course; that’s a given. But when you venture out into the smaller villages scattered throughout France, you might discover wonderful art created by artisans of all kinds. You will certainly savor the locally sourced and prepared foods of the region and, as you know, French wine is world-renowned. 

Part of French culture – especially outside of Paris – is a belief in savoring life; in taking time to enjoy it, and each other. The pace of living is slower, the moments richer as a result. It may take time to spool down, but it’s worth setting down the camera now and again and stepping into the slow lane. There, you can feel into the heartbeat of a culture that enjoys life, values art, loves delicious food and wine and is passionate about everything, including each other. 

Inspirational Destinations France 5

Exciting Discoveries

My favorite discovery was learning how easy it is to get around in the French Riviera. It’s also less expensive to stay there than I expected; a wonderful surprise! It’s a region with so much variety to offer, most of which is easily accessed by train or nice buses from a central location like Cannes. You can stay in one place, live like a local and really sink into the experience of exploring many gorgeous areas along the Mediterranean without ever renting a car. And if you do want to rent one for a couple of days, within 90 minutes you can be in the Alps, in Provence and more authentic medieval villages than you can imagine!

Hint: get an International Drivers’ License if you plan to drive and familiarize yourself with local traffic laws, signs and what they mean. 

Do Not Miss

The French Riviera

Inspirational Destinations France 3

Best Advice

Embrace a slower pace, put your camera down once in a while and enjoy the beauty and culture. Remember to take the time to savor each delicious morsel and sip while you are in France!

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Karen Hutton is a Photographer, Speaker, Author, Visionary, Voice. She is a Professional Fujifilm-X Photographer and has been featured in Talks at Google and Photo Plus Expo.


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    Being French and having explored this country in depth I’d say Karen has a rather “newcomer” view of France. Even someone who has been to France 4 or 5 times quickly realise that there’s better stuff than the Riviera, Normandy or Paris. For cities, Lyon is the most balanced. It’s safe, historic, with insane food. Bordeaux is nice as well, because it has similar architecture to Paris without the drug dealers, ugly apartment towers, urine smell and garbage all over. For coastal scenery, Brittany and Corsica are by far the best. The North of Brittany is stunning, with wild weather, cliffs, villages, forts, flowering heather, beaches… And Corsica has less concrete building than the overrated Riviera. Cannes in particular is really awful. For countryside, the South West of France, with Périgord, Quercy, French Catalonia or Languedoc are way superior to the riviera or inland Provence. In Provence it’s overcrowded, and Brits and Scandinavians buy everything so housing is now too expensive for locals who are forced out. But the South West still feels authentic, people are nice, and only Périgord gets crowded in summer. So many medieval villages, castles, and the famous gorges like Gorges du Tarn. For mountains, tourists flock to Annecy and Chamonix, but these are hardly the best places to visit. Try the Queyras mountains, Briançon, Vallée de la Clarée, the Ecrins… Far more authentic and welcoming.

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