LEE Filters • In Conversation with Joe Cornish and David Noton

LEE Filters • In Conversation with
Joe Cornish & David Noton

Series of videos produced by LEE Filters with photographers David Noton and Joe Cornish in conversation. Here they discuss how photography has changed over the years.

Episode 1 • The times they are a-changin'
Episode 2 • Using Filters
Episode 3 • Magical Moments
Episode 4 • Chasing the Light
Episode 5 • Equipment
Episode 6 • The Curse of the Masterpiece
Episode 7 • Originality
Episode 8 • Influences and Inspiration
Episode 9 • Great Locations
Episode 10 • The Impact on Family
Episode 11 • Making a Living
Episode 12 • The Rules of Composition
Episode 13 • The Future of Photography

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