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Free Content • 48 Hours With a Pro Photographer

48 Hours With a Pro Photographer
What happens when you spend 48 hours in death valley with a pro photographer? Follow my journey with Hudson Henry as we discover the mystery and beauty of Death Valley

I spent a weekend in Death Valley with photographer and Hoya brand ambassador Hudson Henry and it was awesome! Hudson had just finished a climb of Mt. Whitney, which took him from the highest peak in the lower 48 to the Western Hemisphere’s lowest depression. His was a journey of extremes, but there is nothing he loves more than an outdoor challenge.

We’d spoken on the phone many times throughout the year-and-a-half of working together, but I was surprised at how at ease I was with him. Hudson has a relaxed, positive, conquer-the-world energy that I found infectious. Hudson’s passion for the outdoors takes him to some of the most extreme environments in the world so protecting his equipment is a necessity. He uses a...

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