Featured Artist • Steven Friedman

Steven Friedman from Canada
I am a native of Ottawa, Canada and I have graduated from university with a degree in Economics.
It was not until I found an SLR camera on an autumn hiking adventure in the Gatineau Park that I took my first photograph. This newfound craft quickly became my passion and before long I established myself as a respected fine art photographer.
Exhibiting my work in 11 fine art galleries, I personally print images to create a true sense of awe. My latest collection of panoramic images of trees is mounted on aluminium and each image measures over 10 feet in width. In addition to printing my own fine art work, I am considered a master fine art printer, working with discerning artists who seek the finest quality results. Currently, I live on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada.

The Project

Every month we display the photographic work of an exceptional artist, display their exquisite images and ask a handful of questions about the photographer and their work. You can see the full article with all the images in hi-definition inside issue 75 of the magazine.

The Gear

Horseman 617 Panoramic Camera
Phase One XF IQ3 100
Schneider 35mm LS f/3.5
Schneider 55mm LS f/2.8
Schneider 80mm LS f/2.8
Schneider 110mm LS f/2.8
Schneider 150mm LS f/3.5
Schneider 240mm L f/4.5
Gitzo GT 3530LS
Acratech Ultimate Ballhead
Singh Ray Filters
Sekonic L-508 Light Meter
Leica Disto D2
Rodenstock 4x Loupe
Fujichrome Velvia 50 Film

The Response

When did you start photography?
It was 23 years ago when I was hiking and found a camera. No-one collected it from the lost and found so it became mine. I took only a few rolls on my first trip to the southwest, mostly documenting our hiking. It was like Christmas when I received back the film.

How important is photography for you?
The most important aspect of photography for me is the ability to be amongst nature and to experience the landscape. The beauty of the incredible light and colour in the remote landscape is rare and I never become tired of experiencing it.

What is your favourite image of all time?
Glowing Autumn Forest by Christopher Burkett is probably my favourite image of all time from another artist. He captured the chaos in nature delicately with prefect light.

Your favourite and most inspiring location?
Remote and inaccessible regions provide me with the most inspiration. I am drawn always to the aspen groves in the Rockies, but beyond that I tend to gravitate to remote areas of the world.

Who is your favourite past or present photographer?
I am not sure I have a favourite photographer, but I am drawn to the work of Charles Cramer, Joseph Holmes and Christopher Burkett. As for black and white, Michael Kenna’s work is stunning.

What are your future photographic plans?
I have a plan for a large format photography book with 75 plates of panoramic images of trees from my Horseman 617 camera.

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