Symmetry and Simplicity

Dimitri Vasileiou takes some time to reflect on his past experiences in photography and uses them to describe how time is important to photographers at various levels of knowledge

I can only vaguely remember my first approach to landscape photography, as it was quite a long time ago. Memories fade away and details seem to escape my recollection. However, I still remember – very vividly – how passionate I used to feel about photography when I started appreciating nature and our environment. I still get shivers up my spine when I observe a sunrise; a new day dawning.

I still have strong memories of how I used to try to find the best composition possible when visiting a location, only to be disappointed once I had returned back at home and was looking at the results on the computer screen. I used to have thoughts of gear failure, or how I should perhaps upgrade my camera to a better model.

In time, I started studying other people’s pictures, listening to their advice, and critiquing my own pictures – I was trying really hard to improve. I believe that there were many ...

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