Developing a Style

Developing a style is an important step for any photographer, but can be a difficult and personal experience. Beata Moore shares her experience on how to do so most effectively
In the very competitive photography environment, most photographers feel the need to specialise and develop a style that will be distinctive and unique to them. This is dictated by the need to generate revenue by those with photography as a main income and, for amateurs, to satisfy their artistic ambitions and gain better visibility in the media.

I myself turned pro ten years ago when my first book was published. With the digital revolution going on back then, it wasn’t the best time for professional photographers. However, my interest in nature, landscape and architecture made it possible for me to publish a further six books.

All these years of involvement in editorial photography helped me to gather an eclectic collection of images well suited for publishers and stock agencies. It was also a good way of...

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Beata Moore is a professional landscape photographer and writer. She is deeply passionate about the environment and her work shows the affinity with the natural world.

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