Dare to be different

Dare to be different
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Do you get frustrated when others don’t understand or appreciate what you are trying to achieve with your photography? Alister Benn suggests you stop worrying about what others think and to take photographs for yourself
My entire life I’ve been interested in asking questions; it’s how I move forward and learn new things. One of the significant by-products of being a full-time photographer is the amount of time I get to spend in the field, shooting, scouting and generally experiencing the landscape. Yesterday was one such day, when my wife Juanli and myself took off into the hills here on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and explored a new area. The weather was cold with sporadic wintry showers and as we slogged uphill, frequently falling through frozen bog to the ooze below, a slight melancholy fell on me. A question came into my mind as I looked at the landscape around me – “What is the point of all this?” – Specifically, in the age of social media, where popularity is no measure of quality, what value is there in my little voice?

I hear it again and again from landscape photographers frustrated by the lack of interest in their work, when they clearly feel it has significant value.

I am familiar with these darker feelings, they come along from time to time and I am wise to their power and quickly take action to stop and confront them. Without exception I can say I come out of these episodes with renewed passion and desire to do my very best...

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