Clear As Glass

Clear As Glass
Do you maintain and clean up your photographic equipment regularly? How do you clean your lenses? Andy Brown offers some valuable advice for keeping your lenses spotless

Maintaining your lenses cleanliness is something every photographer knows they should, but many shy away from for fear of causing damage – or worse still they go hammer and tongs using the wrong equipment!

Don’t compromise your image quality with greasy finger prints, rain spots or dust (no matter how careful you are all are inevitable), just take the time when necessary to clean your glass properly. Properly doesn’t mean every use either, suffice to say it is fine to clean a lens when it actually needs it rather than habitually.

So, what to do? Well, the front element needs more regular attention than the rear, bearing the brunt of things as it does. For a small outlay, invest in a...

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Andy Brown

An ardent devotee to most genres of landscape photography, Andy’s primary fervour and passion is for mono and split-toned, ultra long exposure imagery.

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